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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we're live in rio with all the action. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> we begin with our first alert. it is day six of this brutal heat wave, and these runners know how quickly things can turn dangerous. this afternoon the city of philadelphia announced another
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person has died from heat-related causes. he was a 72-year-old man from west philadelphia who had other medical conditions. this is the city's fourth death during this heat wave and for thousands of other people down in wilmington it is a even harder to stay cool today. look at this. take a look at what happened on route 202 in the sharply neighborhood. a trash truck knocked down two power lines this morning. thousands lost electricity meaning no air conditioning and no fans. delmarva power tells us everyone's power should be restored this evening and because it's so important to stay safe during this dangerous heat members of the philadelphia city council passed out fans to people in need today. if you're looking for help like this we put together a list of hotlines from across the region hand that information is controlling at the bottom of your screen. let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena par convenient. >> you know, keith, it's still very hot, dangerously hot. 93 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. wilmington 93 and trenton 949
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and vine lapd, but it's also very humid outside. we had the oppressive humidity this past weekend and now it's humid enough to make some areas feel over 100 degrees. feels like 103 in dover and feels like 97 philadelphia and feels like 102 in vind lapd and also 100 in mt. holly and we'll see a bit of a break from the 90s but it won't be major relief from the heat. heat wave number five could be lasting for seven days. the feels like temperature has been over 100 since last thursday. wednesday, last wednesday, was the first day in the 90s and, again, this is just continuing. like i mentioned no big break any time soon. we're on a first alert philadelphia area, pennsylvania, suburbs of new jersey and delaware. this is going to run until tuesday evening. so tomorrow evening still feeling over 100 degrees. tomorrow stay hydrated and stay cool. coming up we'll talk more about the heat and our next chance for thunderstorms. >> looking forward to that, thank you. >> now to decision 2016 and the
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push for pennsylvania. today hillary clinton brought a popular ally on to the campaign trail, vice president joe biden. nbc 10's lauren mayk followed the duo in biden's hometown of scranton. lauren? >> reporter: keith, joe biden spoke as someone who knows hillary clinton and knows the job of president, but he also spoke as someone who knows scranton and pennsylvania. something important as hillary clinton battles donald trump for working class voters here in this region and the states. the rally in northeast pennsylvania was for her, but this is joe biden's hometown. and some of these cheers are for him. >> good to be home. >> the audience here included old friends and supporters. >> tell me how he's viewed here in the scranton area. >> he's a hero. he's a hometown boy. of course, everybody loves joe. >> would you have rather seen him run? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. i would have preferred biden.
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>> perhaps that's why having biden here in scranton is so important for clinton's case in pennsylvania. >> they deserve someone who not only understands them. they deserve someone who is with them, and they deserve someone who is made of the same stuff. that's hillary clinton. that's who she is. ? biden went after her opponent donald trump, particularly on issues of national security. >> he doesn't seem to want to learn it. he doesn't seem to think it matters. people say he lacks the temperament. i -- i would feel better if that's all he lacked. on every issue that matters most to our security donald trump has no clue what it takes to lead this great country. >> reporter: after the rally, the vice president stopped to listen to our question about trump's comments on the election in pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton could only win if she sheets. >> reporter: he brushed it aside
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and as he greeted the caught we caught him for one more question. how does it feel to be back in pennsylvania campaigning? >> you're going to see a lot of me. >> reporter: now from the entrance music today to the fact that joe biden spoke second it was clear that he was the honored guest here today. now, i checked with the clinton campaign to see if there are any other events scheduled with him. not at this point, but as you just heard he says we will be seeing him again. live in scranton. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thank you so much. >> clinton continues her push through pennsylvania tomorrow. she heads from scranton to philadelphia for a voter registration event. that will be held in west philadelphia high school. on the republican side, donald trump laid out his plan to fight terrorism during a speech in youngstown, ohio. his first step would be a temporary halt in immigration from dangerous regions. world. trump says he would use questionnaires, social media and
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interviews with friends and family to vet immigrants trying to get into the united states. >> only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. >> jump also says he believes he could find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. hillary clinton appears to be gaining on donald trump in the fight for battleground states. i want to show you this map now. this one is from july. blue, everything there goes to the democrats. that includes new jersey and delaware. red, meantime, that's republican. the lighter states, they are tossups including pennsylvania, but i want to show you a new map now. this one was released today for the month of august. a lot of big color changing going on for a lot of the big battleground states. the biggest changes for us at least shows that pennsylvania going from tossup to leaning democratic. moving farther south, that same
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shift is happening in virginia and north carolina right here and if you move further south that you'll see that actually florida is going the same way. went from leaning democrat to a tossup. the other significant point to make note of, the july map, with clinton, had 255 electoral votes, but this latest map actually gives her 288 which, of course, is higher than that magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to win in november. if you're still trying to make your presidential pick, check out our candidate match quiz on the nbc 10 app and count on nbc 10 for a complete decision 2016 coverage. we have new details in the perjury trial against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. now on jury watch. in closing arguments this morning, prosecutors told jurors that kane abused her power when she leaked secret criminal files to get revenge on a colleague.
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the defense argued there were, quote, inconsistencies in the prosecution's testimony and kane did not take the stand in her own defense but denied the allegations against her. >> i'm right outside the gym fastics venue at baja olympic park, and i'll tell you the importance of me standing there. team usa has many reasons to wave the american flag dominating in these games in rio and they are looking to make more history tonight. simone biles has already accomplished something no american game naft has done, three gold medaled in the american olympics. >> i'm fairly happy with that. >> reporter: why stop there, tonight will go for her fourth gold but she will have to get past her teammate laurie hernandez from new jersey who qualified second. took less than ten seconds for usain bolt to convince us he's
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still the fastest man in the world, winning his third consecutive gold in the 100-meter dash. >> i came out there to execute and that's what i did. >> reporter: as for the fastest woman in the world that title belongs to jamaica today. bolt's teammate finished with gold. so few make it to level. you have to be proud with all you got here? >> i'm proud how i got here and it's a bigger picture. >> reporter: team usa has a chance to make history as allyson felix competes in the finals for the 400 meters. >> anyone who has won a 100-meter one of the most grueling events. >> reporter: winning eat event could give her more gold medals than any other olympian in her sport, five overall. overwhelming for the champion in her fourth game. >> when you hit the line and it's just joy that all the hard
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work has paid off. >> reporter: and just a heartbreaking loss for south jersey's english gardner during that 100-meter race, but she says she's not finished yet. look for her this coming friday in the 4 x 100 relay and also, she says, look for her in four years in tokyo. she's going to compete then so we're not giving up on her at all and she still gave fourth an amazing performance. women owes field hockey teams, many athletes are from our area. unfortunately they were defeated by germany today, so they will not be coming home with a medal, and the reason i'm here right outside the gymnastics arena is i was just inside and held the balance beams finals. we know the results. you'll see the results in primetime and i have an interview with both of them, and we'll hear those results and talk to them and hear what they had to say. keith, bock to you. >> so much to look forward to.
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thank you so much. looking forward to your next report. they say practice makes perfect but in heat like this back home it can also be dangerous. local schools are taking extra precautions with your young athletes. nbc 10's krystal klei has more. >> reporter: we're live at a practice and we'll let you know what they are doing to stay safe coming up. >> plus a final warning. nbc 10 has learned the new details about a family murder-suicide. what police told the mother just days before the killings. and we leave you with a live look at the olympic torch in rio show you the latest medal count. if you're afraid of spoilers, look away. one day, history was made.
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we continue with new insight into a murder-suicide of a family in burks county. investigators now tell nbc 10 that the father mark short is the one who pulled the trigger. we have also learned his wife megan did reach out for help before the killings. nbc 10's cydney long has more on that and why she didn't get the help she needed. >> reporter: 40-year-old mark short spend friday, august 5th with his children at hershey park, a day of fun before he would end their lives, killing his wife megan and then turn the gun on himself. that fateful saturday meg an planned to move from the family's upscale home for an apartment and planned to take the kids with her. it would never happen. >> officers had to make forcible entry into the home through a rear kitchen window. >> inside the bodies of the entire family and their dog.
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investigators revealed a timeline today to include two domestic altercations in the weeks prior, one in a philadelphia hotel, but police were not called. another on july 18th. megan called police to say they argued and she was afraid of him. >> the police department did at that time advise meg an short how to get a protection of abuse order but she chose not to. >> reporter: mark short left the home that night and no charges were filed but the very next day. >> mr. short purchased a .38 caliber five-shot revolver hand gun and a stock of ammunition from a licensed gun dealership in lancaster county. >> investigators say fingerprints on the gun and the handwriting analysis of a suicide note proved mark shot and killed his family. investigators say both families have asked what was written in the suicide note not be made public but they say mark short wrote it after he shot his entire family to death and
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before he pulled the trigger on himself. >> some of the information contained in the suicide letter was an admission that he purchased the gun and committed the homicide. >> reporter: children, including willow who received a new heart at six days old, were all wearing their pajamas nestled in blankets and pillows when they took their last breath. from sinking spring, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> well, we're still talking about the dangerous heat in the area. temperatures in the 90s and the heat wave continues today. humidity still oppressive enough to make it feel over 100 degrees in some area. a live look out in rehoboth beach, one of the cooler spots and still very hot. looking at the screen we'll eventually be breaking out of the 90s, but it will still be hot outside, upper 80 80s. 93 philadelphia, 94 through much of south jersey and a look at
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our delaware neighborhoods right now. 93. harmony hills 92 and marshalltown and wilmington 89 and odessa 95 degrees. kent county temperatures in the low 90s mainly. dover coming in at 92 degrees and 92 it harrington, but if you look at the sea breeze and the onshore winds that the area have rehoboth beach is 84 and dewey beach 82. going inland a little bit georgetown 949, so about a ten--degree difference from the delaware beaches to the interior sections so a nice difference when you have the onshore winds. here is the feels-like temping tour when you factor in the humidity. feels like 103 in dover and 10 it in vine lann and 98 van holly and 98 wilmington. feels like 97 in philadelphia and lehigh valley feeling around 13 degrees so not as bad as it was this weekend but still very hot outside. dry locally, but off to our west you'll notice some showers and storms here. some of these could make it in late tonight but a lot of models
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have it weakening and dying out but we'll watch it closely to see if any event starts to move in mainly west of philadelphia and wouldn't be until late they are evening, but we do have showers in the forecast for part of your day tomorrow. here's the future weather. tonight there you see it at 8:30. there's a chance that many sol. showers or storms could try to move in and then pretty weak after that. then we go into early tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. some models are vogue very early morning showers or early morning thunderstorm and through the afternoon there's also some indications that we could have thunderstorms through parts of the lehigh valley possibly. if those hold together could be in the philadelphia area by tomorrow evening. not too much else though as we go into wednesday. wednesday looks like another dryer day but we'll still be dealing with at least some heat. a severe storm threat. not everybody, of course, parts of the lehigh valley up through the poconos so we'll be watching for any strong storms there but any strong storms could be containing damaging winds, hail, lightning and heavy rain so
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we'll be tracking that for you. temperature-wise mid to low 90s and 95 upper dublin township. if you're in new jersey 86 stone harbor and 96 harrington and where it could feel like 110 degrees so the heat wave, that continues tomorrow, so that would be seven days of this heat wave and, of course, dangerous heat outside right now. we'll go out to meteorologist krystal klei at a high school football practice. a little bit hot out there. >> reporter: oh, yeah, sheena. it is hot out here and when you factor in the high humidity it is downright you ever comfortable. imagine that you're out there in football gear practicing. the guys here at bishop mcdevit high school, they say the heat won't stop them from getting ready for the upcoming football season. >> ready, hit!
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come on! come on! >> reporter: today is their first official practice. they have been running different drills to prep for their first game which is on august 27th, but with practice, gear, helmets and black-heat absorbing jerseys on they are making sure they stay safe with regular reminders to hydrate and breaks every 15 to 20 minutes so they can take a moment to catch their breath. >> we make sure we're eyeing each guy and making sure we're really monitoring the situations. we have texas rangers out here ready to go. >> no matter whether it's hot, cool, sunny, snow, it don't matter. just do what we got to do. >> stay hydrated and stay cool and take as many breaks as we need to. >> reporter: and they have been out here since about 3:30. they are about ready to wrap up practice. in fact, they took just another water break, and these guys say that no matter what they are just looking for the win in
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their first game. they have an indoor practice they did with navy s.e.a.l.s working on team building, a very nice break from the upper 90s we saw over the weekend. >> kristal klei, nbc 10. >> got to take breaks for water, that's for sure in this high humidity, appreciate it. >> from rio to south fill, one of the local olympians back home and showing off different skills on the football field. that's coming up next at 5:00.
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the birds had a special visitor at practice today. we caught u.s. women's soccer player julie johnson kicking field goals. she just returned from rio after a stunning loss to sweden on
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thursday. the soccer star is engaged to eagles tight end zach ertz. the eagles troushd action thursday night in pittsburgh and take on the steelers at 7:00. join us at 6:30 for preseason kickoff. hear radner high scollay lumb who is in charge of coaching sam bradford and molding carson wentz. >> one father was going to miss his son's olympic moment until some good compare tan stepped in. he is getting ready to board a flight to philly and we're talking just before he takes off. that story is coming up next at 5:00.
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here's one way to beat today owes oppressive heat. a cooldown in the spray park in center city. she's cute and take it easy like this service dog decided to do. a lesson for all of us, of course, on this dangerously hot day. today's heat didn't keep people inside even with the one-two punch of high heed and humidity. a few great souls walked along the christina river in wilmington. don't be afraid to ask for help during this dangerous heat. put together a list of hotlines
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from across the region and the numbers are controlling at the bottom of the screen. right now let's check in with first alert meteorologist sheena par convenient for more on this first alert. >> that's right. check on the elderly and your neighbors and don't stay outside for several hours. it's not over yet. we'll keep this in the forecast as we go through tomorrow as we. we've been in the 90s since last wednesday. this is going to be a seven-day heat wave and temp tires have been feeling over 100 degrees since last thursday and heat wave number five continues. the dangerous heat continues. we'll be in the 90s as we go into tomorrow feeling around 100 degrees in some areas as well. current feels-like temperature. 105 in vineland and 99 in wilmington and 939 is what it feels like in allentown. a look at the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. we do eventually bake out of the 80s, still very hot and the
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dangerous heat continues. pennsylvania suburbs, new jersey and delaware still with heat alerts. this will run through tomorrow evening. it's still going to be very warm and humid, even at night with temperatures during the day feeling possibly up to 108 degrees. so stay hydrated. stay cool. if you have to be outside, stay in the shade, but, again, make sure you drink plenty of water and try not to be out for several hours at a time. never leave children and pets in the car and way too hot for that. come up a look at the chance for thunderstorms. could be to the or even parts of tomorrow. >> great advice, sheena. >> during this time local waterways are crowded and that's sent several people to the hospital. ted greenberg is live in the atlantic city. >> reporter: nokes who hit the sand today are finding relief from the extreme heat, a beautiful evening at the beach.
5:33 pm
we found people choosing to make their own waves on the water, some more safely than others. >> it's a rush that comes with a cooldown on yet another sweltering day. >> gets splashed in the face with water. >> reporter: darren and his family opted for the bay instead of the ocean this morning by renting personal water crafts or pwcs at beasley's point sea-doo. >> only so much days at the beach. want to hit the water and the water sports. >> reporter: pwc rental zones are highly regulated in new jersey. can't get on one here without instruction. >> explains to keep away each other. >> reporter: on sunday five people were hurt in two separate pwc crashes on jersey shore back bays outside rental zones. >> request a florida. i've got reports a person is semi-conscious being brought in by a boat. >> reporter: four of those people were on a pair of pwcs that collided head-on in ocean city. >> high speed, no brakes around
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a blind corner is certainly contributing factor to a lot of our pwc accidents. >> reporter: new jersey state police say the heat wave have already caused crowded waterways to become even more congested. >> reporter: too many stories start they let their friend use it without a license, no experience, no education and they get into trouble. >> the two pwc accidents this weekend are still under investigation, but authorities say inexperience is a frequent factor in similar collisions. >> it's the equivalent of riding a high-performance sport bike on a highway with no marked lanes, no brakes and a three-foot speed bump every two feet. >> state police tell me none of the people hurt in those crashes over the weekend suffered life-threatening injuries. at this point no charges have been filed. live in atlantic city. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
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>> in about half an hour a delaware county father will board a plane in philadelphia headed here to rio. ellis hill is going to see her son compete in shotgun and this trip almost didn't happen. nbc's 10 tim furlong explains why this is such a dream come true. >> reporter: ellis hill is ready, backs packed and ready by the door and he'll see his son darryl throw the shut put for team usa on thursday and never dreamed he'd see him do it in person. >> i was actually content and sitting right here and watching it on tv because i could not afford it. >> reporter: getting to rio, ellis thought it would take a mere camp he got t.during the dnc in philly ellis was driving for woman and a woman from chicago named liz got to the car and the conversation came around to how his son was in the hospital and how he couldn't aified to go compete. liz wasn't having any of that
5:36 pm
and via face time from chicago i asked liz what made her decide to help her uber driver that night. >> i think the decision was more how can i not help this guy because he was such an amazing man and he had such great stories. he had such pride in his son. >> reporter: liz set up a go fund me page and the word spread quickly and money started rolling in, mostly from generous strangers who wanted to be part of the story. ellis will be real emotional if he sees darryl on the podium. >> i'm not out of tears, rather save them because i'm quite sure there will be tears as i go. >> reporter: liz is one of darryl's biggest fans and will be watching him on thursday with a deep special connection to darryl and his dad. >> i think this is really a good story following your dreams and believing in what's possible. >> reporter: i am so grateful that there are people out here, man, you know, that still believe that they can help somebody, man, you know, achieve and accomplish something.
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>> reporter: in darby downship, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> you can find more about the story on our website and we also have profiles of other local olympians. for now, keith, back for you. >> an unbelievable story. love hearing about that, the local community coming out in support. jackie, i'll see you soon, thanks. >> still to come on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> nbc 10 responds is our promise to you. this pom and her husband purchased caskets and he decided he would rather be cremated and when the cemetery refused to give her a refund she called nbc 10's harry. the response coming up.
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philly schools failing at fire drills. with school about to start, a new nbc 10 investigation shows state officials repeatedly missed something that could affect your kid's safety. investigative reporter mitch flocker has a preview of what you'll see tonight after the olympics. >> reporter: for years philadelphia school superintendent told state officials his schools were following the fire drill law. is this your signature? >> it is. >> reporter: but our investigation shows only 15% of the schools conduct one fire drill per month. >> obviously we were not in compliance. >> reporter: something that the school district and city building inspectors miss and now we found it also got past the state. >> reporter: why isn't the department of education making sure that these certifications are accurate? >> mitch blocker joins us right now. this is now the third instance
5:41 pm
where someone should have caught this. the thirst time we're seeing a public agency drop the balanced budget amendment the first time, of course, with the philadelphia school district and then we saw city building inspection orthoand now we're talking about the department of education, all collecting information on school safety drills. no one said anything until we checked the records and found schools weren't doing enough fire drills. tonight, we're focusing very swiss physically on the department of education because they watch more than just the philly school district. they are supposed to watch all school districts throughout the state of pennsylvania. >> thank you so much. >> of course, you can watch his investigation "failing at fire drills" tonight after 9 olympics on nbc 10. >> and we're still dealing with dangerous heat. i'll show you how much longer that will last and if any of those thunderstorms will be moving inland to the. that's next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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you can read the plan here.
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now two nbc 10 responds. a woman says she's been taken advantage of by the openers of a cemetery who refused to refund her money she she reached out to harry hairston and nbc 10 responds and harry is here with
5:45 pm
her story. >> reporter: keith, her story is more than about a refund. also a love story of sorts about at man who spent her off her feet from the moment they met. >> reporter: >> he helped me with my coat and spun me around and he kissed me. >> reporter: mayorial says she'll never forget the kiss and the words that followed. >> he said how was that, and i'm like i don't know, but i -- i was laughing, of course. >> reporter: gerard would bork mariel's husband of 58 years. until he died two years ago. now some of mariel's laughter is replaced with visits and prayers at his grave. >> i put my angel to look over him. >> and intimate conversations with old pictures. >> i tell him i miss him, of course, you know, and i love him. i still do. >> reporter: 1 years earlier the couple purchased two caskets
5:46 pm
from burks county memorial garden. it was part of preparing for the day when love outlives life >> i paid $32 hurricane. >> reporter: but gerard shortly before his death decided to be creamited and mayorial changed word and having never received one and no need for a second she asked the cemetery for a refund. >> she said we don't give refunds. >> reporter: mariel said she gave up hopes of getting a refund until she saw nbc 10 responds. >> i watch you all the time helping people and i said the one day, you know what. i'm going to see if i can get them to maybe help me into just tie days after we contacted the sem my the general manager handed murial for a full refund. >> i thank you for everything that you did, thank you.
5:47 pm
>> you have to love her. mariel says she plans to save a little of the $3,200 and spend a lot of it on her four children, ten grandchildren and two grade grandchildren, and our nbc 10 responds recovery counter is now at $10,062. >> 58 years of sglarnlg 58 years of marriage and with that money, she's like my grandmother, only going to get to save about $5. give the rest to the kids. >> harry, thank you so much. if you have a consumer complaint for harry, head to or give us a call. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a mother and day are -- and we're attempting to
5:48 pm
clear up old bill. then they turned to us. look for that story tomorrow at 5:00. a hotel chain admits a major hack and one hotel is right here in philadelphia. malware was discovered on computers at 20 hotels including starwood and marriott. the hackers took credit card data from tens of thousands of transactions. we now know the westin philadelphia in center city was part of that hack. credit cards used in restaurants, bars and lobby shots were targeted. the company says it's using a new processing system. >> we, we're still dealing with the dangerous heat and it will continue until tomorrow. if you look at seven-day controlling right on the to the tom you'll notice eventually we get not 80s so it might not be
5:49 pm
as hot but still very perform. temperatures will still be feeling around 100 diddy grow so with the dan rouse heat hydrate and stay cool and avoid severalers during the midday. temperatures in the lehigh valley, plenty of sunshine and 93 degrees in wilmington. philadelphia is coming in at 93 degrees and look at what it feels like with the humidity. 103 dover and 102 vineland and 98 mt. holly. feels like 990 in coatesville and the rest of the area, mainly south of philadelphia, really feeling the most humidity around, so here's a look at the future. feels-like temperature tonight will be staying right around 90 degrees for part of the area overnight and then we go into tomorrow. only by lunchtime we're already around 100 degrees here with our future feels like temperature through the afternoon topping out from anywhere to 100 to 110
5:50 pm
the farther south you go. another hot and humid day and then we go into wednesday and things start changing a little bit, just a little bit though, temperatures feeling around 90 degrees in the afternoon so it's still going to be a hot day so at least not as brutally hot as it has been. local we're dry and we are watching for storms. many out west and some of the models are trying to bring the storms in in the next several hours but i don't think they could be as strong so we're going to watch that very closely. future weather by 8:00, 9:00, there you see some of the rain holding together. mostly west of philadelphia. possibly approaching the philadelphia area and also dying out at the same time and then early tomorrow morning the model shows us dry and other models do have a few early morning showers and we'll keep our eye on that and tomorrow afternoon through the lehigh valley, possibly by 5:00 p.m., we could be looking at strong thunderstorms. if those hold together they can move into the philadelphia area by 8:00 p.m. or so and then we go into wednesday and it's going
5:51 pm
to be a dryer day so tomorrow just have the umbrella with you throughout the afternoon especially. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, if you're in chestnut hill 93 degrees and newtown square 92 and allentown coming in at 90 degrees and millville 92 and stone harbor 96 and harrington is 96 and filling more like 110. that will mostly stay confined to the lehigh valley, the poconos where we could see stronger winds. tuesday is still hey lighted in wind. wednesday around 990 degrees and thursday upper 80s so not as brutally how the but still hot and mid-80s on saturday and you can see some kind of scattered rain chances there in the forecast, and next week so far doesn't look as bad. glenn will have more details on your neighborhood weather coming up at 6:00. >> speaking of your weather. local volunteers of the american red cross will soon leave for louisiana.
5:52 pm
throughout to help victims of the flooding that's slammed the state. more than 10,000 people escaped to emergency shelters when gloodwaters overwhelmed the area. four people have died. it could take days for the water to recede before officials can get a full look at the devastation. ♪ aspiring musicians in our area get a chance to be heard starting today. this morning in city hall, officials announced the kickoff of pho live center stage. musicians will perform at nearly a dozen local venues. they could win prizes and studio time. the event which runs through late september is designed to help music-makers in philly get recognized. >> keith, i know you and i share had a commonality for food, namely fast food, junk food and this next story speaks to our soul. an olympic medal didn't medal so what did he do, he drowned his
5:53 pm
sorrows in what else,ed to. that story is coming up. one day, history was made. >>
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i'm jacqueline london back here in rio de janiero outside the gymnastics venue. i'll tell you why i'm standying here but check out what the
5:56 pm
athletes have posted on social media and all the interesting ways they are trying to get information in what they are doing in rio. some of the athletes have fun with it. take a look, michael phelps and katie ledecky, the golden girl of swimming, posted this famous autographed and 9-year-old katie was beaming back in 2006 when she met the most decorated olympian of all time and ten years later fellens wasn't going to leaves rio without an autograph from ledecky and when an australian athlete didn't win a gold medal he went to the golden arches. after six months of clean eating his spread consisted of sixburghers, four boxesch chicken nuggets, six orders of fries, six chocolate brownies and a milk shake to wash it all down. i mean, of course, all of that
5:57 pm
on our nbc 10 app. i think a cheap date for me, as you know, jim, would include french fries, brownie and likely cookie dough. i think for you if i'm not mistaken ice cream all day. >> definitely that. guy is now in the olympic infirmary after he ate all that junk food. we'll see you in just a bit. >> i know, i know. >> more at 6:00. also up next at 6:00, a local city ranked in the top five in the new unfriendliest poll. scary moments in rio when a camera comes crashing down. the video all new at 6:00. plus, making drinking water safer for children at school next.
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5:59 pm
. heartbreaking details. tonight new information about the murders of three children and their mother. why police feared for their mom and even gave her advice. back in pennsylvania. hillary clinton targets the keystone state with the help from vice president jo biden. the vp's message to women voters. >> clearing hurdles, i'm jacqueline london in rio. how a local athlete overcame tragedy in philadelphia to compete here. >> hot. sweaty, sticky. trying to stay cool, but how much longer will this oppressive heat stick around? good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. the summer heat is now blamed on a fourth death in philadelphia.
6:00 pm
a 72-year-old man in west philadelphia died. he also had other serious health problems. nbc 10 was on the schuylkill banks this afternoon and these people braving the heat to get some exercise and some were prepared. saw quite a few carrying water along the way. the way to go in these extremes. nbc 10 also down on the shore in cape may. some relief on the beach today as the mercury didn't climb quite as high as it did the last couple of days and nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking our extended heat wave. any end in sight, glenn? >> i think we'll be seeing relief in the form of low humidity in a couple of days. the temperature eventually by the weekend will be getting down significantly, but for tomorrow it's a different story. the first alert is extended for philadelphia, the p.a. suburbs, new jersey and delaware and through tuesday evening. toys going to feel like anywhere between 88 and 108, and, again, you've got to hydrate when


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